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Ships and Cruise

Bridal service
Bridal Services
March 12, 2014
Wedding Ceremony in Istanbul
wedding ceremony in Turkey
July 10, 2019

Tiraje Beauty center is one of the best to hold your wedding

T iraje beauty center located in beautiful city of Istanbul holds wedding and all other ceremonies from zero to ten .

If you are interested in having fun and at the same time , holding your wedding in a luxurious way , just connect our experts .

Luxurious boats and ships to be served in your ceremony .”


Are you looking for a best place to have your wedding ceremony ? Stay with us to earn more about it.

Our team meets all your needs from photography to Bridal services and all other things needed on wedding .

What you need is in decide . You can easily call our experts in following numbers so they can help you step by step
00905303819095 .

How many guests do you have? how big your wedding will be?


Ships and cruises are ready to start .

Everything will be ready on board .

We will offer
Small boats
Medium ships
Cruise ships
Giant ships
Personal boats
And many other kinds of sea vehicles which can meet your needs .

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